Locality remains an important factor for Northern Irish consumers

In the face of the dominance of national supermarket brands, there remain a significant proportion of shoppers in NI that are keen consumers of local produce – 42% agree with the statement “I always buy local food brands where available”. Of this group, shoppers over the age of 55 are 32% more likely to agree.

This enthusiasm for local goods is also evident by a rise in visits to local stores. For example, the number of main shoppers buying from local bakeries has risen by 12,000 in the last 12 months. Additionally, the profile of local bakery shoppers has also shifted: in 2010, 64% of visitors were in the ABC1 social grade, but in 2011 the split is fairly even (52:48) between ABC1 and C2DE.

Moreover, when looking at visits to local coffee shops, 26% of consumers in Northern Ireland visit their local coffee house compared to just 18% in Great Britain.

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